Various Uses of Natural Gas in Your Home

natural gas

Natural gas comes from inside the earth and is obtained through natural gas drilling and alongside oil drilling. When it is extracted, it is combined with crude oil to make it a day-to-day energy source. This gas is a combination of four naturally occurring gases- methane (comprise 70-90% of the gas), propane, ethane, and butane.
We can put natural gas to so many uses in our homes, and the beauty is that it has less pollution when used than other energy sources. The gas is also more affordable and has fewer impurities. You can buy natural gas for your home use from Benergie EG, a leading energy supplier.

Here are some uses of natural gas in your home:


During the cold season, the house needs to be heated, and natural gas comes in handy. On comparison, the heat from natural gas feels warmer than that from an electric pump. It is not even a surprise that over half of American homes rely on natural gas for heating, fuel for cooking, and warm water. Moreover, businesses are also turning to natural gas to heat the offices, given that it is cheaper than electric heating pumps.


using natural gas to cookMany seasoned cooks like cooking with ovens using natural gas than the electric-powered models. The best thing with natural gas ovens is that they have better temperature control, which offers a high accuracy level with every dish. Besides the precision, the natural gas ovens are economical in that they use less energy than the electric ones. The reason for this is the cookers heat and cool faster.

Drying Clothes

clothes dryerWith natural gas clothes dryers, you can save as much as 50% of energy costs than electric dryers. The gas-powered dryers are so efficient that you could dry two loads in them for the same price as one load in an electricity version. What’s more, you can do your laundry faster because natural gas dryers utilize big amounts of dry, absorbent air, which makes its way through the clothes drying them more quickly.

Heating Water

Water heaters powered by natural gas are a common thing in homes connected to the commodity. With the gas prices being far lower than for electric power, a natural gas water heater is economical since you will spend less on your bills for energy. And the best part is that the gas-powered heaters heat water faster than electric heaters.

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Why You Should Use Radio for Advertising


Radio remains a great means of advertising despite the rise of other modern means such as the internet and other media. It may seem like the number of people tuning in to listen to the radio has dwindled over the years, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. This medium’s beauty is that it reaches the target audience when they are in their best receptive mood.

Besides, radio allows listeners to get information as they go about their business, such as commuting, working, or even resting. And advertisers can air their ads and get exceptional results in a shorter time. However, for radio commercials to achieve their objective, professionals like commercialkings must excellently produce them.

Here are some reasons you should consider radio for advertising:

Better Frequency

better frequency  The success of advertising relies a lot on the frequency and getting to the target audience repeatedly. Among the various media of advertising, radio tops the list in repeatedly exposing ads to the audience, thus creating awareness in them. Additionally, people tend to be loyal to specific radio stations. This can work for you as the advertiser because you will be able to reach the same people many times.


memorableDo you want your target audience to have some information remain in their memory for a longer time? It would help if you then if you used the radio to advertise. Sound is better stored in mind than a written advertisement. Moreover, you can instill the emotions that work for you in the ads when using the radio, thus compelling the desired action. The medium also allows the audience to engage their imagination to develop their image of the advertised product.


The production of radio commercials does not require makeup, hair styling, and attire for those involved, which is not the case for TV ads. You only need good scripts, top-notch microphones, and some water glasses, so to speak, to make a winning radio ad. You can then spare the other cash you would use for preparatory bells and whistle when shooting a TV ad. And with a lesser budget to have wider coverage and more impact due to repetition, you get better returns on your investment.

Time Efficiency

The production of radio ads take a considerably shorter time, and most of them can be up and running in even three weeks. As such, radio is a great medium to match your commercials with upcoming campaigns. But you cannot count on TV and print media for immediate content to complement your campaigns. Therefore, it would be best to use radio to air your initiatives requiring live airing and when you need it most.

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