A Guide to Hosting a Business Dinner at Home

Business Dinner

Once you have the chance to host a dinner for your business colleagues, you certainly do not want to mess it up. It can be a priceless opportunity and a test as well. Your boss, though the situation will not be as formal as in the office, will definitely have his/her eyes on you.

Hosting a business dinner is purely political. Your capability to direct the flow of the conversation, to choose meals and beverage that can impress everyone, and to make the dinner free from awkwardness and boredom, will be visible to both your boss and your colleagues. But there is always a price for such trouble. When your boss gives you the privilege to host a business dinner, he/she will be most likely to grant you a promotion.

Planning the dinner

Circulating BuffetBefore discussing the menu and the beverage, first, you must know that there are two standard styles of business dinner.

  1. Circulating buffet

In a circulating buffet dinner, you prepare a buffet table and space for your guests to sit freely. If you have a proper backyard, that is going to be the ideal place for the occasion. Your guests can pick their seats while enjoying the garden. But if you do not have an outdoor facility, hosting the dinner indoor is also appropriate as long as there is enough space and seats for everyone.

Sit in Buffet2. Sit down buffet

Sit down buffet style is for you if your house does not have enough space for your guests to roam freely. In this style, you arrange the seats for your guests first. Your guests are expected to take their meals from the buffet table and return to their places.


MenuBefore deciding the menu, it is crucial for you to ask your guests if they have any allergy or not. Allergy can be fatal, and you do not want it to happen in your business dinner for it is going to show how you are incapable of anticipating bad moments. You should also ask if anyone abstains from eating something. Being aware of everyone’s cultural and religious background shows a great quality of leadership.

For the main meal, you can try Oriental, Western, or Indian cuisine for your dinner. If you are not experienced in cooking, do not risk everything by trying. Hire a professional cook to handle the kitchen for you.


Premium WineWine should be on the list of your business dinner beverage. And to save budget without losing prestige, you can order premium wines online. Make sure that you pick the unique brand, the one that you cannot get in local stores. And always remember that the best way to start the wine session if by you pouring the bottle into your guest’s glass.

However, do not assume that everyone drinks alcohol. Even if all your guests drink alcohol, there is always a chance that they refuse your offer because of a health reason. Provide juice, soda, or sparkling water for those who do not drink alcohol.

Closing note

Hosting a business dinner is both a blessing and a curse. Once you fail or commit something foolish, your boss and colleagues will remember it. You must get everything under control and according to the plan.

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