How To Potty Train A Boy In 3 Days

Potty training is a challenging activity, and training a boy is typically harder than potty training a girl in most cases. It is because it’s the mother who usually does the training and it is hard for a mother to show her son how a boy should pee. But hey, don’t be anxious, you will learn how to potty train a boy in 3 days. Certainly, there are various ways on how to make a successful potty training for boys within some few days.

Ways on How to Potty Train Your How To Potty Train A Boy In 3 DaysSon

For a first time parent, it is important to note that potty training should not be a nerve-racking activity for you and your son. Although it is a little hard to do, it is possible to succeed in potty training without getting stressed. Buy the necessary materials two weeks before the first day of potty training. This is an important way of preparing your sonĀ for the big day. You may opt to go shopping with him. Allow him to choose what he wants, from the potty itself to the training pants.

Display the potty

Placing the potty in your son’s play area will enable him to get used to it. Allow him to do whatever he wants. Let him sit on the potty, open it, and put some stuff in it. The moment he plays with his potty, take it as an opportunity to prepare him for his big day.

For instance, you may use his favorite stuffed toy to show how it is done. Tell him that he will soon be a big boy, and he needs to do what his stuffed toy does. You may also want to ask the assistance of a male relative in showing your son how boys pee.

Constantly remind your son about his training day

Your son should be emotionally prepared to do the training. Hence, it is important to regularly talk to him about it before the actual training day. On the actual training, make sure that all materials are ready. Place the potty, training pants, and wipes in an accessible area to avoid stress. Also, use a timer. Aim to make your child go to the potty every 15 minutes on the first training day.

Prepare for possible accidents

Face it; accidents will happen. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t punish your child. Instead, patiently tell him that he should pee or poop only in the potty.

Reward your child for every success

This is an important thing to do. Your son needs to know and feels that he’s doing the right thing and that you’re proud of him. You may opt to give him his favorite candy or a cute little ball to play with.

Make necHow To Potty Train A Boy In 3 Daysessary training adjustments

It is important to observe your child’s progress and adjust your training techniques based on his response. If the first training day is successful, you may opt to change the time interval on the next day. For example, make your son go to the potty every 30 minutes on the second training day instead of 15 minutes.

Continue making adjustments until your son becomes well-trained. This activity for boys may be a little harder in some aspects compared to this activity for girls. But with the right application of effective techniques, the training will be successful. It won’t even matter if you’re training a boy or a girl.